Penny Maddrell MA
Psychotherapy in Cambridge, UK

Near Barton Road (A603) in Cambridge, UK
Easy to reach by car from Junction 12 of the M11, or about 20 minutes on foot from the centre of Cambridge.

Contact details
07982 437375


UK Council for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy involves a relationship that is confidential and professional and offers a safe space to think about what is going on for you. You may have concerns that are not easy to talk to friends or family about. You may want the opportunity to explore your life and experiences and reach a deeper understanding of yourself.

My training was in a mindfulness-based type of psychotherapy. Mindfulness means putting our attention on what we are experiencing at this very moment, without judging it. Doing this in the company of someone you feel safe enough with, can help you become aware of painful or limiting ways of being you may have developed through your life. With growing awareness, these strategies may loosen and allow you to live with more choice and ease.

As well as thinking and talking about our experiences, in psychotherapy we can also attend to body sensations, feelings we cannot immediately find words for, what we dream and images that occur to us. Whatever comes up can turn out to be meaningful, even when it doesn’t make any obvious sense at first. 

I trained at the Karuna Institute in Devon between 2003 and 2009, gaining an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy through Middlesex University. Since completing my formal training, I have been enjoying further learning within psychodynamic perspectives.

 I have been working with clients in private practice for over ten years and am registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP registration number 07158940). 

I offer an introductory meeting without charge. This gives you an opportunity to meet me, ask questions and get an idea of whether psychotherapy might be helpful to you.